Sunday, January 24, 2010

2009 Service Projects - Dental/Medical Clinic 2

Area Seventy Elder Cordon (center) organized
logistics for the medical staff. It was a great event
that will be repeated across Central America.

The dental clinic set up in the cultural hall.

Sister Tilley holds a young man's hand who just
had his wisdom teeth removed by an oral

Improving this future missionary's smile.

2009 Service Projects - Dental/Medical Clinic

LDS doctors, dentists, nurses and hygienists
from the USA, came to Guatemala City to
prepare 1000 missionaries for mission field service.
They spent 10 days giving of their skills and expertise.

Some of our missionaries were recruited to help
translate for the USA medical staff, register the
future missionaries and help with medical exams.

Elders Jenson, Lanham and Armstrong helped
translate. Sisters Christensen and Badham helped
with medical tests.

Dr. and Sis. Taylor did physical exams.

2009 Service Projects - Blankets to Orphanages

The missionaries made blankets
for children in local orphanages.
Simple design - scissors, fleece and knots!!

Elders Thomas and Meija working hard.

Elders Millward, Molina, Lanham, Love, Pande
and Turcios finishing up.

The winter of 2009 was definitely cold - these
blankets were needed. Proudly displaying their
finished products.

2009 Service Projects - Eye Glass Clinics

Dr and Sister Taylor did several eye glass clinics
around Lake Atitlan villages - Santiago, San Lucas
Toliman, Solola and San Andres. With the Solola district
Elders Meija, Aguirre, Aceituno, Thomas, Young, Cano,
APs Elder Meza and Lanham.

Dr. Taylor doing an eye exam with Elder Thomas

Sister Taylor fitting the eye glasses - both exam
and eye glasses were free to the public. They
did eye exams for thousands of people.

Solola residents waiting in line for their exam

Elders Cano, Aceituno and Aguirre modeling
the latest eye wear.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

December 2009 - Welcome!

The same night as we said goodbye to our departing
missionaries we picked up eight new elders at the
airport, fresh from the MTC. Bienvenidos a Guatemala!!

L to R) Hermanas Flores, Jimenez, Rizo, Rivera
and Elders Gonzalez, Sosa, Tarax, Cifuentes, Calona,
Aguilera, Park, Pickett, Johnson, Black, Corbett,
Larson, Carlson and Tueller.

December 2009 - Adios!

Adios! Hermanas Morales, Huaman,
Elders Paz, Marquez, Arave, Wankier,
Beck, Eliason, Gardner, Stoddard,
Renderos, Blanco, Cooper, Hamblin
and Mooth

On their way...

One last goodbye!

Elder Oldroyd's family picked him up and he left
a little earlier in the month.

Elder Rosales left earlier in the month for school.
We wish he and Elder Oldroyd success always!

December 2009 - Typical dress from Santiago

Elder Stoddard helps President don
his traditional Mayan "schoff" from
Santiago on Lake Atitlan

The outfit is completed with a machete!

December 2009 - Farewell To Missionaries

Elder Stoddard has a surprise for President
from Santiago on Lake Atitlan!

Elders Blanco, Arave, Cooper and Sanchez
playing baseball and relaxing

Elders Wankier, Mooth, Renderos and Hnas.
Huaman and Morales play Bancopoly. Whose

Elder Eliason showing off the "go home outfit"?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Caroling

After Christmas Eve dinner, we were treated to
our office elders singing beautifully, a group of
traditional Christmas songs.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2009 - Blessed Christmas Eve

We were blessed to have two of our sons and their
families visit us for Christmas this year, Chase,
Mary and Livia (20 months) and Tyler, Joelle and
Ella (8 months)

We are blessed with great young elders in our office!
(L to R) Elder Winters (Sec), Elder Sanchez (AP),
Elder Lloyd (Fin Sec), Elder Long (Sec), Elder Melville (AP),
Elder Jacobs (Fin Sec), Elder Cesena (Exec. Sec)

Christmas Eve Dinner - we view our missionaries
as part of our family - Christmas is always fun with

December 2009 - Zone Conference at Las Colinas

We are blessed to have Las Colinas,a church owned
camping facility in our mission in the mountains
outside Chimaltenango. We held our December zone
conference here this year. The missionaries enjoy
the beauty of this area. Our conference focused on
working with the Ward Council in a new way to
make missionary work more effective. We remembered
the Savior in song, scripture and story. We viewed
a special video of the teachings of the Prophet
Joseph Smith. Each missionary was given
a leaf from the Joseph Smith Birthplace.

Our meeting building... for the conference

Large pavilion for lunch and service project

We had space for 100 missionaries each day.

December 2009 ZC Service Project - Car Mats

Who knew that missionaries still love to color?!?
We colored pre-designed car mats for toy cars to
be played with by young children at orphanages
and primary schools. Dr. & Sis. Taylor, our area
medical advisor delivered our finished products.
Elders Patterson, Peterson, Romero, Ruddle,
Calderon, Lopez, Tax and Johnson. How do those
crayons taste, Elders??

Elders Mendez, Marquez, Alvarado, Escobar,
Zapata, Renderos and Coreas. Is coloring still

Elders Johnson, Allen, Hutchings, Gardner, Moore,
Perez and Nielson - great job!

Elders Gropp, Crosby, Cooper, Child and Mooth
nice work!

December 2009 - ZC- Service Project...

A group effort - Hna. Barrera, Elders Mobley,
Dodge, Alvarez, Latham and Hnas. Buterbaugh,
Waldie and Cruz

Hnas. Castro, Lemus, Earl, Lopez, Morales,
Prestwich and Aguilar have a great time coloring.

Elders Aceituno, Rivera, Wankier, Broomfield,
Beck, Flores, Murillo, Matamoros and Meija
Great job!

The finished product- Elders Tax, Lopez, Lewis
and Romero display their work proudly. Again,
who knew coloring was still fun for missionaries!
Thank you all for the great job.

Friday, January 8, 2010

December 2009 - Zone Conference BBQ Servers

Missionaries and caterer feeding the Lord's best

All servers have to have a good sense of humor -
Elder Eliason the outfit is you!

You, too, Elder Parkinson!

Yes, Elder Ercanbrack, we all want tortillas!

Our fabulous chef and caterer, Jose Arce!