Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 March - Professional Photos 2

Jerry Garns photographed Santiago Atitlan Bay at dawn.
Some Book of Mormon Scholars believe this bay is the
Waters of Mormon.

A fisherman in the early morning mist...

The dawning of a new day...

2011 March - Professional Photos

Professional Photographer Jerry Garns visited our mission
and photographed some of our missionaries around Lake Atitlan.
Elder and Hna. Sandberg started a library in a small mountain
village and created a love for reading among the children.

Elders Montesino and Hutchings contacting a young woman
on the streets in San Lucas Toliman.

Elders Patterson and Ratelle teaching a man in Santiago
Atitlan, these elders must learn an obscure Mayan language,

Hermanas Rios and Rubio work well together on the streets
of Antigua.

Los Sandbergs hiking the small paths and hills in San Andres.

Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 March - Leaders Training

Improving their teaching skills!

In the mountain zones, Elders Black and Medina reading
scriptures to their investigator (a member)...

Hnas. Rizo and Garcia listening carefully to their investigator...

Elders Gonzales and Romero role playing with their
investigators (Hna. Coc in the foreground was one of our
missionaries two years ago).

Our leaders in the city zones...

Our leaders in the coast zones...

2011 March - Mission Tour 2

Our missionaries in the mountains: Chimaltenango and
Solola zones...

Missionaries in the city: Nimajuyu and Villa Hermosa zones...

More missionaries in the city: Mariscal and Vill Nueva zones...

And our missionaries in the coast: Amatitlan, Escuintla and
Santa Lucia zones... what a great tour!

2011 March - Mission Tour with Elder Falabella

We had our last mission tour with Elder Falabella,
of the first quorum of the seventies,and Hna. Falabella.
With the Falabellas are APs Elder Davis and Elder Moore,
Hna. and Pres. Baldwin

2011 March - Happy Trails to Los Hatchs!

We said, "Goodbye" to the Hatchs who served
so well in our Central and the South Missions.
Thank you for your example!

Our Area senior sister missionaries serenade the Hatchs
to bid them Adios and Happy Trails!

2011 February - !! 140 !!

Elder Davis points out that the numbers are real!
Our missionaries baptized 140 Guatemalans in the
month of February! Not since the creation of our
mission, have there been 140 baptisms in one month!

We all celebrated with a favorite - Snickers bars!
It is the simple things in life that count!

2011 February - La Costa Hermosa!

The beautiful black volcanic sand of beaches
in our mission on the Pacific coast...

It is sugar cane harvest time again and the white
tasseled sugar cane is everywhere...

To harvest the cane, the fields are burned at night
and by morning loaded on large trucks bound for
the processing plants. This happens 6 months of the year.