Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 June - Final Interviews 2 - Pilas!

More "Pilas" missionaries...We will love them forever!
In the Villa Nueva Zone...

In the Nimajuyu Zone...

In the Mariscal Zone...

In the Santa Lucia Zone...

And in the Solola Zone surrounding Lake Atitlan!

2011 June - Final Interviews - Pilas!

Pilas?? In Guatemala, this word means...Cool...Awesome...
High Quality...Energized...Enthusiastic! This word perfectly
describes our fabulous missionaries. It has been an honor
and a privilege to serve with these great Elders and Hermanas
in...the Escuintla Zone...

In the Amatitlan Zone...

In the Chimaltenango Zone...

In the Patzicia District of the Solola Zone...

In the Villa Hermosa Zone.

2011 June - Evolution of a Missionary

Our zone leaders and APs demonstrate how a missionary evolves,
the process takes two full years, but it is worth all the
hard work. As the two years end, the missionary looks
forward to a great future! (Front to Back, based on time in
the mission) Elders Burgos, Rosales, Quijada, Knight, Gonzalez
Tarax, Park, Ayala, Jimenez, Bejar, Fuimaono, Moore, Martinez,
Allen, Montoya, Dodge, Hutchings, Lewis, Lowry, Deering and
finally President Baldwin. Too much fun!

2011 May - Adios and Bienvenidos!!

Adios Elders Musick, Velasquez and Lopez! Thank you
for two great years of missionary service!

Enjoying the view from the mission home

Our newest missionarie with their trainers...(L to R)
Elder Wilkinson and his trainee Elder Huezo, Hna.
Johanson with her trainer, Hna. Wetzel and Elder Fullerton
with his trainee, Elder Cucuk.

Bienvenidos! Elder Cucuk, Hna. Johanson and Elder Huezo

2011 May - Super P Day - Balloon Pop!

Who doesn't like popping balloons??!!

2011 May - Super P Day - Steal the Bacon!

Our missionary teams had a great time at playing
Steal the Bacon

2011 May - Super P Day - The Dragon's Tail??

Catch the Dragon's Tail is a game the missionaries
truly enjoyed playing as a team!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2011 May - Super P Day - Ugliest Tie 2

Elder Flores on Day 2 of Super P Day found the
other ugliest tie in Guatemala - we call it the
Scaley Fish Tie!!

2011 May - Super P Day - The Ugliest Tie Contest

Elder Deering successfully found one of the Ugliest Ties in
Guatemala. President traded ties with him.

This white tie is covered with black lace???!!!

2011 May - Super P Day - Bits and Pieces

Planning session between Hna. Cranney and the Solola
Zone Leaders, Elders Ayala and Gonzalez

Chicken Buses are a favorite with Elder Patterson

Elder Davis admires the unusual
shorts of Elder Squires.

The Patzicia district gave President an elaborate machete.
Guatemalans use machetes every day. Muchos Gracias,
Elder Milburn, Hnas Vicen, Lozano, Elders Bench, Barahona,
Turner and Forbush!

Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 May - Super P Day - Lunch!

How are those hamburgers, Elders?
Elders Jankowski, West, Tebbs, Black and Johnson

Our servers are organized for the always hungry missionaries.
Hnas. Vicen, Rubio, Lozano, Winder and Cranney.

Those happy smiling faces, it is all about FOOD!
Elder Baltodano, Mirabel, Katie, Elder Martinez and Elder
Cook do a great job serving. Elder Lowry, Trejo, Petersen,
and Quijada are enjoying their lunch.

Lunch line...they all are so patient.

Hnas. Padilla, Ayala, Wetzel, Robles and Perez enjoying their

2011 May - Super P Day - BBQ Cooks

Elder Tueller, we think this method will take some time!

Elder Taylor has the idea...

Elder Whitehead organizes all the is all about

Elder Fuimaono, Tueller and Pelico great job cutting
marvelous Guatemalan watermelon...

Our expert BBQ specialists, Elders Hansen, Cesena and
Morgan. Mirabel our house helper, supervises our experts!

2011 May Super P Day - Hanging Out

Our missionaries only see their missionaries in their zone,
so when a large group gets together, they enjoy talking,
catching up, finding out how the work is going in their areas.
Hna. Moeai, Winder, Searle, Garcia and Marin...

Elders Calta, Lemus, Jimenez, Coreas, Ricra, Hernandez
and Alberto...

Elders Clifton, Consuegra, Burgos, Gonzalez, Toledo , Chacon
and Ortega enjoy a game of Bancopoly...

Elders Johnson, Child, Daily, Baysinger, Montoya, Cook and
Cook, Vilchez hanging out waiting for their turn at Futbol...

Elders Musick, Crittenden and Hansen enjoy some down
time...remembering the fun!

2011 May - Super P Days in Las Colinas

Over two days, our mission brought together all the missionaries
for Super P Day at a beautiful church owned facility in the mountains,
Las Colinas...

The missionaries enjoyed playing Basketball...
Elders Allen, Clifton, Drake and Rodriguez


Soccer (Futbol)...


And Ping Pong! Hnas. Angel, Zapet, Flores and Ralphs

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

2011 May - Office staff changes

Our new AP Elder Rosales trying to pry the AP cell phone
from outgoing AP Elder Davis' hand!

Welcome Elder Pearson, our newest secretary. Our senior
secretary, Elder Lydiksen will teach you everything you

Heading out of the office and into the regular life of a
missionary, Secretaries Elders Corbett and Lontine,
AP Elder Davis.

Our great current APs, Elders Moore, Rosales and Davis

2011 May - City House Inspections

Inspecting the Secretaries house...Hna. Baldwin's name
made from twizzlers licorice! We all shared their creativity!

Elders Richards and Baysinger's mural in their apartment...
very inspirational!

Our clean house inspection during Weekly Planning for Elders
Cruz and Euteneier.

Hnas. Benavides and Cevallos have the cleanest sink in the

The last house inspected...the last brownies given...
Elders Lydiksen and Francis, are sad...pobrecitos!