Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 February - The Oak Tree

This inspirational poem was read
by Elder M. Russell Ballard during
our mission meeting with him.

The Oak Tree by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr.

A mighty wind blew night and day
It stole the oak tree's leaves away
Then snapped its boughs and pulled its bark
Until the oak was tired and stark.

But still the oak tree held its ground
While other trees fell all around
The weary wind gave up and spoke
How can you still be standing Oak?

The oak tree said, I know that you
Can break each branch of mine in two
Carry every leaf away
Shake my limbs, and make me sway

But I have roots stretched in the earth
Growing stronger since my birth
You'll never touch them, for you see
They are the deepest part of me

Until today, I wasn't sure
Of just how much I could endure
But now I've found, with thanks to you
I'm stronger than I ever knew.

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 January - P Day at Lake Atitlan

Los cuarto amigos... enjoying the local culture
in Panajchel...Elders Hansen, Whitehead, Lewis
and Milburn.

For P Day the Amatitlan Zone visited
Lake Atitlan, a beautiful volcanic lake
where some Book of Mormon scholars
believe the Waters of Mormon are located.
Enjoying their P Day: (Front to Back)
Elders McKell, Milburn, Lydiksen, Whitehead,
and Lewis.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 January - Mission meeting with Elder Ballard

Our missionaries were very excited to be
together as a whole mission and to hear the
inspired counsel of an Apostle, Elder M. Russell Ballard.
(L to R) Elders Hernandez, Alberto, Garcia,
Carasco and Diaz.

Hnas. Gaitan, Benavides and Garcia are all smiles
at the opportunity to hear an Apostle.

(L to R) Elders Tebbs, Pegram, Lydiksen, Francis,
Child, Milburn, Clifton and Squires had a great

Hnas. Lozano and Ralphs hold as sign posted
in the chapel designating for Hermanas to be
seated in front of the chapel to hear Elder Ballard

A great family - missionaries!! (L to R)
Elders Taccogno, Child, Crittenden, Deering,
Jimenez, Tello, Kahaunaele, Quijada, Trejo
and Cook.

2011 January - Apostles tour Central America

President at a meeting with Elder Martino,
Elder Clark, both in the Area Presidency and with
Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Twelve Apostles

Elder Jay Jensen, of the Presidency of the 1st
Quorum of the 70s, with Pres. and Hna.
Ascencio, President of the Santa Lucia District
and Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Twelve

Milton and Moroni performed service as part
of their Faith in God program to Elder Jay Jensen,
Elder D. Todd Christofferson and Sister Christofferson.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2011 January - Zone Conference - Clean up!

We have many willing hands and hearts to help
clean our chapels after zone conferences. Thank
you Elders and Hermanas!!

2011 January - Zone Conference - Odds and Ends

Elders Montoya, Davis and Deering display their
new suits made in Guate! These jackets are lined
with the Guatemala flag!

Instead of "Hugo Boss" suits, these are "Hilton
Boss" suits!

Cleaning up the chapel after zone conference.

Elder Lewis is wearing the ugliest tie
in the mission on this particular day,
"Go BYU"??? President is an extreme
Utah Utes fan!

2011 January - Zone Conferences -Lunch!

Elders Briggs, Broomfield and Burgos serve
lunch to our city zones...

Hnas. Padilla and Searle enjoy your lunch!
Served by Elders Martin and Meija.

Our hermanas and guests are always served first,
then it is a mad dash to get in line...

Elders waiting patiently, we have 90 missionaries
in the city zones.

Can hardly wait!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 January - Adios to our Great Missionaries!

Elder Lindsley left a bit early to attend school.
We wish him as much success in his next mission,
as he had in our mission!

We said Adios, to Elder and Hna. Sandberg.
Thank you for your invaluable contribution to
our mission and the village of San Andres!
They are off to Costa Rica and a cruise.

Adios to these successful and great missionaries:
(L to R) Elders Gardner, Tax, Vaha'i, Cano and

The last day of a mission is a rollercoast: one moment
you are happy and then the next, sad. Enjoying
at a happy moment on the mission home balcony.

2011 January - Bienvenidos, New Missionaries!

Welcome to our newest missionaries...
(L to R) Elders Varela, Sarita, Smith, Hna. Flores,
Elders Hill, Grijalba, Horrocks, Ramirez, and Perez

Lunch with their trainers after their second training
session. Elders Smith, Gutierrez, Chavez and Guzman

McDonalds is a treat! In the foreground:
Elders Cifuentes, Hill, Horrocks, , Ramirez and Meija.

(L to R) Elders Sarita, Consuegra, Hnas. , Garcia,
and Elder Burgos.

2011 January - Office staff

AP Elder Romero has a change coming... he is
headed to Solola as a Zone Leader!

Elder Davis, our newest AP,welcome to life in
the fast lane! Elder Montoya reminds Elder
Davis how to use a cellphone.

Elder Ayala is training Elder Peterson to take over
as President's executive secretary...

These secretaries keep the office and the mission
organized and happy! Elders Tueller, Corbett
and Lontine. Thanks for everything!

2011 January - ZLC - Animal game 2

Elders Lowry and Davis demonstrate how the
chicken dance is done!

2011 January - ZLC - Animal Game is back!!

After a few months absence, the animal game is
back! After our council and dinner, the game tops
of the evening.

2011 January - Zone Leaders Council

President had a flat tire and our zone leaders
jumped into help - Elders Jimenez and Fuimaono

Finding the spare tire, Elders Gonzales and Romero

Our zone leaders council at the temple.
(L to R) Elders Romero, Bejar, Gonzales, Martinez,
Cifuentes, Lewis, President, Davis, Aguilar, Jacobs,
Tarax, Dodge, Lowry, Martinez, Knight, Fuimaono,
Moore, Jimenez, Reyes, Park and Montoya.

2010 December - Visits

We had two visits with great former missionaries
during the Christmas holidays: President with
former Elder Adam Armstrong - a great former
zone leader!

Former Zone Leaders, Elders Waldo, Thomas and Beck.
All these young men are doing well and progressing
in their next mission!