Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 May Volcanos...Flooding...Mud Slides...

In May, we had a five day period, where nature
here in Guatemala was wild...Volcan Pacaya
blew up and it rained black volcanic sand on
the city for two days...

Next came the mud slides... from a tropical storm
this was a 4 lane highway reduced to one lane only...

Elders Lopez and Chacon stand in waist deep
water...from a tropical storm which caused
flooding on the coast.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 May More Cambios...a new mission home!

This wonderful home has been the misson home
for missions in Guatemala City for over the last
20 years. It has been a great home for the
Guatemala City Central Mission and the missionaries
have loved playing volleyball, soccer and basketball
in its' spacious backyard. We have BBQ'd a mountain of
hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken here. This has been the
home for countless missionaries for their 2 year mission.
We will miss this great place...

Our new mission home, is a beautiful,
spacious condo on the 14th floor.
It has magnificent views of Guatemala City
and it is very secure. No yard, but we
are working on a substitute...
missionaries are welcome anytime.

2010 May Cambios...Changes

We said goodbye to these great missionaries -
Hnas. Ross, Herrera, Gonzales and Prestwich,
Elders Alvarez and Salinas

This is the last group of missionaries to depart
their mission from our mission home. One last
game of Uno with our assitants, Elder Hatch
and Elder Douglas

Elder Alvarez was Elder Jacob's trainer...Hamming
it up for the last goodbye...

Our new missionaries arrived the next day...
(L to R) Elders Rosales, Tello, and Santos, Hnas. Ruiz,
Garcia, Cruz, Wetzel, Angel, Williams and Padilla
Elders Burgos, Sorto, Vallecillo, Manzano, Hernandez
Meija and Jimenez...Bienvenidos!

2010 May Break the Fast Dinner

The bouganvilla was blooming for our
last break the fast dinner in our mission home
soon to be sold.

The senior missionary couples work in the Central
America Area Office and in the Guatemala City

Great dedicated senior missionary couples - at the
entrance of the Guatemala City Central Mission home
for the last time.

2010 April Zone Leaders Council

Zone Leaders prepare for the mission focus over the
new change or 6 weeks. The zone leaders council
includes an exchange of ideas to motivate and help
our missionaries perform to their potential.

A spontaneous sing a long to one of Elder Judd's compositions

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 April Good Food and Mail...nothing better!

You got Mail!! Look at those happy faces.
(L to R) Elders Ricra, Cesena, Medina, Alvarez,
Winters and Hna. Cajas

Elder Moreno is the Cleanup at this table...
anything no one wants he will eat! (L to R)
Hna. and Elder Sandberg, Elder Cesena (again?)
President, Elder Cranney, Elder Moreno and
Hna. Cranney

The clean plate club applies here - (L to R)
Elders Hutchings, Hautau, Ayala and Gonzales

Elder Vaha'i is known for his appetite -
this is his third plate!

2010 Utchi Program

Beginning in April, our missionaries are reading the
Book of Mormon twice before the end of the year.
The first time they read, they are to focus of Jesus Christ,
highlighting in red all the names, characteristics and
anything the Savior has said directly to man. The second
round, they are to highlight in blue all doctrine found
that we should know for our salvation. After the first reading,
the missionaries are awarded an Utchi. The Utchi
is a symbol found on Mayan ruins in Southern Mexico
and Northern Guatemala which translated means,
"And it came to pass..." This program has been
a faith promoting experience for all our missionaries.
They have a firmer testimony of the Book of Mormon.

2010 April The Cochrans

Our friends, the Cochran family toured Guatemala
and stopped by the mission home to bring all
the missionaries pure Vermont Maple Syrup and
Blueberry Pancakes - WOW! We just have to
figure out when to get all 200+ missionaries together
for a breakfast feast! THANK YOU COCHRANS!!