Monday, January 24, 2011

2010 December - Christmas Eve Dec 24th - 2

The fireworks continued for 1 hour!
Welcome Christmas morning!

2010 December - Christmas Eve Dec. 24th

It is midnight on December 24th - it sounds like a war zone!!

2010 December - Super P Day 5

Elders Cook and Burke hold the Book of Mormon
cover and Mission tour picture were the gifts
given by the mission.

Some of our mission's great hermanas ready to
head back to their areas.

2010 December Super P Day 4 - Basketball

2010 December Super P Day 3 - Controlled Chaos!

Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 December - Super P Day 2

Our servers for lunch: Elders Diaz, Ixtacuy, Tax,
Jimenez and Cano...

Elders Musick, Montoya, and Black...

Elder Lowry serves Elders Squires, Child and Clifton

Missionaries lined up for food (muy importante!)

Waiting their turn...

2010 December - Super P Day

We had a Super P day the week of Christmas -
dividing the mission in half with a 100 missionaries
each day. American football was a highlight....

Elders Ratelle, Lontine, Pegram, Dodge, Moore
and Patterson catch up with what is going on in
their areas...

Ping Pong with Elders and Sister taking turns...

Foosball with Elders Rivera and Ixtacuy

Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 December - Dinner with District Presidencies

President Baldwin and his great mission counselors,
President Morales and President Galindo

The Santa Lucia District Presidency...

The Solola District Presidency...

The Escuintla District Presidency...

2010 December - Dinner with the District Presidencies 1

Our entertainers and servers for the evening -
(L to R) Elders Cook, Montoya, Jacobs and Moore.
Thank you for a wonderful evening enjoyed by all.

District Presidencies in the mission home.

President and Hna. Batz with Anton and Alvin

(L to R) President and Hna. Flores, Hna. Morales,
Hna. and President Ascencio.

2010 December - Training Sessions

Every two months we have training sessions with all
the leaders in the mission, teaching new Preach
My Gospel lessons. Our leaders on the coast!

It is cold in the mountains this time of the year.
Hnas Garcia and Benavides hug to stay warm during
the training session.

Elders Tarax, Lowry, Cesena and Black trying to
stay warm. The brilliant smiles should help!

Part of the training sessions include practicing what
the missionaries have learned. Elders Cano and Tax
present the 1st lesson to an investgator and her

Elders Broomfield and Ixtacuy practice with a
member during the training session. It has changed
completely the way lessons are taught to investigators.

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 December - You know it is Christmas when...

Gigantic Christmas trees appear...

The Gallo Beer chicken appears on the top
of all the giant trees...

Firework stands appear overnight...

Our office elders start wearing funny hats...

And Santa's helpers are overwhelmed by the
missionaries mail...