Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 March Zone Conference in the Coast 2

Random photos after the conference -
District leader (DL) El. Williams with Sis. Ross
& Sis. Flores in his district

El. Hautau, DL El. Misini, El. Heywood
and DL El. Zeigler

Missionaries come in all shapes and sizes -
DL El. Flores, El Fisher and DL El. Rees

Elders Guzman, Ruddle, Lopez and Calona

Missionaries can order food from PriceSmart (Costco)
once a change to be delivered at zone conference.
Admiring Elder Fisher's granola bars - DL El. Barber,
ZL El. Johnson, El. Alvarez, AP El. Douglas, El. Wernli
and El. Broomfield

2010 March Zone Conference in the Coast 1

Our mission has 3 zones in the Coast, Amatitlan,
Escuintla and Santa Lucia. Lunch is an important
part of zone conference. Our zone leaders traditionally
service lunch to the missionaries in their zones.
(L to R) ZLs El. Castillo, El. Malouf, El. Beck & El. Peterson.
APs El. Melville and El. Douglas enjoying the service!

In the afternoon our missionaries practiced
introducing the Book of Mormon and answering
soul searching questions that investigators
might have using the Book of Mormon.
El. Aceituno, El. Woods, El. Doblado & El De La Cruz

El. Johnston, El. Consuegra, El. Jimenez & El. Fuimaono

El. Fisher, El. Escobar, El.Garcia & El. Gardner

Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 February meeting with Elder Neal A. Anderson

We were blessed to host Elder Neal A. Anderson
and Sister Anderson, Elder Don R. Clark and Sister Clark
and temple President Mask and Sister Mask for
zone conferences with the Chimaltenango and
Solola zones during Elder Anderson's tour of Guatemala.

Our missionaries sang beautifully in Spanish,
English and Kaquichel

A wonderful fireside with Elder Anderson and 800
members in the Solola and Quiche districts. It was
a memorable occasion for all.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 February - Zone Leaders Council 1

Every change we have a zone leaders council,
where President, the APs and the zone leaders
discuss the goals and objectives of the mission
for the next change (next 6 weeks). The council
starts with a temple session to invite spiritual
guidance into our meetings.

Taking a break at the council. Zone leaders have
alot of responsibility and fun, too.

The evolution of a missionary, the change takes
two years to complete. Starting from the
Zone leader with the most time in the mission
to the Zone leader who has the least time.
(L to R) President, Elders Carpio, Alvarez,
Sanchez, Castillo, Ercanbrack, Pande, Peterson,
Johnston, Moya, Murphy, Lee, Johnson, Beck,
Malouf, Melville, Douglas, Cano, Tax, Lindsley
and Romero.

2010 February - Zone Leaders Council 2

The animal game! It is an initiation into the realm
of zone leader. The newest zone leaders are the target.
If there is an error in the game, this elder is required
to do the chicken dance. One of our newest zone leaders,
Elder Lindsley does a twist on the chicken dance.
This is the lighter side to zone leaders council.

Sometimes, the plan backfires and a veteran
zone leader gets caught. Such was the case for
Elder Murphy. Elder Musick, our mission secretary
first shows how the chicken dance should be done
after he got caught.

2010 February - Welcome the Cranneys

We are blessed to have another senior couple in
our mission, Elder and Sister Cranney from Utah.
They bring a wealth of experience to our mission,
having been a mission president and mission mom
in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Elder Cranney is a counselor
in the Solola District Presidency, in the mountains on
Lake Atitlan. For the time being, Sister Cranney is
keep the Elders and Sister happy with her famous
banana bread. Bienvenidos!

2010 February - Sister Baldwin's Birthday!?!

Sister Baldwin was treated royally on her birthday
by our office elders Cesena, Long, Melville, Musick,
Sanchez and Jacobs. Roses, favorite Yorks
Peppermint Patties and a lovely photo book of the
Savior, "Another Testament" were the gifts given.
To their Moms and Dads...thank you for letting us share
your thoughtful sons for these two short years!

2010 February - Bienvenidos, Nuevos Misioneros!


(L to R) Hnas. Vicen, Rauda, Mascareno y Vasquez
Elderes Knight, Chavez , Stzep, Rodriguez, Jimenez,
Pelico, Chacon, Alberto, Toledo, Zelaya, Garcia,
Carrasco, Hernandez, Diaz , Quijada

New missionaries and trainers heading out to their
new areas...

Elder J. Rodriguez arrived from the Provo MTC
later that night.

2010 February...Farewell 2

Advice to the new missionary group arriving the
next day...
Sister Badham: Find something positive in everything
Elder Santiago: Develop teaching skills in your first two changes
Elder Martinez: Focus on the work only
Elder Calderon: Feel love for your investigators
Elder Latham: Believe in the power of the Spirit and exhort all to repentance
Elder Flores: Be honest with your Heavenly Father, your family and yourself
Elder Child: Continually study "Preach my gospel and be creative

Last dinner...

Relaxing outside the mission home...

Elder Flores teaching Uno card tricks...

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 February - Farewell to great missionaries

Elder Latham's last time to play the piano during
change meeting.

APs changing: Elder Latham heading home,
Elder Sanchez heading back out into the field
for his last few changes, Elder Melville welcoming
Elder Douglas into the extraordinary life of an AP.

Headed to the mission home: Elder Santiago,
Sister Badham, Elder Martinez and Elder Flores

Elders Child, Latham and Calderon

2010 February Preparing for changes...cambios!

The change process happens a week before the
change actually occurs. President and the assistants
work for two days. At the end of the second day,
the secretaries view the changes. The office elders
begin to process the change immediately. It takes
a week to prepare everything in the computer, the missionary
boards, letters written to stake and district
leaders and a logistics plan for moving the missionaries

Before viewing the changes...


Our APs Elders Sanchez and Melville have a
change coming....

2010 February - Zona Mas Exitoso 2- Guatemala Zone!

Elder Broomfield and Sister Hatch having a
great conversation

Elders teasing our new missionary, Elder Pickett

Focusing on the spiritual... Elders Patterson,
Musick, Montoya and Sisters Earl, Buterbaugh
Sisters Flores and Rizo relaxing...

If we can't find Elder Sanchez the first place we
look is the piano...

2010 February - Zona Mas Exitoso - Guatemala Zone!

Guatemala was our most successful zone for this change
We invite the zone to the mission home for a BBQ
and games on their P-day. Playing volleyball...

Elder Long helping to BBQ...

A quick game of Uno...