Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 February meeting with Elder Neal A. Anderson

We were blessed to host Elder Neal A. Anderson
and Sister Anderson, Elder Don R. Clark and Sister Clark
and temple President Mask and Sister Mask for
zone conferences with the Chimaltenango and
Solola zones during Elder Anderson's tour of Guatemala.

Our missionaries sang beautifully in Spanish,
English and Kaquichel

A wonderful fireside with Elder Anderson and 800
members in the Solola and Quiche districts. It was
a memorable occasion for all.

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  1. In the sea of brown faces, our family of six stood out like a sore thumb! What a magnificent experience for the members in the Solola and Quiche districts! As I shared with members of my little branch in Panajachel, it's not every day one gets to sit at the feet of an Apostle, much less shake his hand. In all my years living in the states and even in and out of Utah several times, Elder Anderson was the first Apostle that I met firsthand. I count myself and my family fortunate and blessed to have been there to hear his counsel.