Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 November Adios to great missionaries...

Elder Weiler's family picked him up in the mission
and have a wonderful trip planned.

Hard to say goodbye to great, successful missionaries:
Elders Barber, Judd, Johnston, Rees, Hna. Ramos,
Elders Williams, Hatch and Aceituno...

The final group photo...too much!

The last dinner...tomorrow off to a new mission!!

2010 November Cambios...Bienvenidos!

Our office elders check out the changes for the
next change period. Now the work begins rapidly,
before the companionship changes are announced
one week later...

Our senior secretary, Elder Park, has a change,
a new zone leaders in the city...

Our new missionaries arrive and we have them
for 24 hours for orientation training before the
change meeting where they will meet their trainers.
Bienvenidos!! (Front L to R) Hnas. Manzanares,
Marin, Cevallos, Gaitan, Searle and Winder
(Back L to R) Elders Burke, Baltodano, Pavon,
Lemus, Cook, Taccogno, Chason, Cook, Hansen,
Soto, Carlson and Rivas

2010 November - Thanksgiving Week

Hnas. Wetzel and Rubio enjoying Pumpkin pie
at interviews during Thanksgiving week...

The Elders almost licked their plates in Villa
Hermosa zone...

A USA tradition enjoyed by all the Elders in
Amatitlan zone...

A Thanksgiving Dinner at Pres. & Hna. Clarks'
patio with all the senior missionary couples in
the city... (L to R) Hna. Wallace (Area Auditing),
Hna. & El. Arnold (Area Perpetual Ed Funds)
Pres. & Hna. Mask (Guatemala City Temple President)
totaling 54 senior missionaries!

President, Hna. & Pres. Torres(Guate North Mission)
and El. & Hna. Hatch (Guate South Mission)

2010 November - Mission Presidents' Seminar 2

In the wonderful gardens of Hotel Atitlan...

With President and Sister Clark of the Central
American Area ...

With Elder and Sister Robbins, (1st Quorum
of the 70s) and Elder and Sister Martino of the
Central American Area Presidency...

Our last mission presidents' seminar:
(L to R) Pres. & Hna. Lopez (El Salvador West);
Pres. & Hna. Torres(Guatemala City North);
Pres. & Hna. Alvarado(Guatemala City South);
Pres. & Hna. Loranzano (Guatemala Quetzaltenango)
Pres. & Hna. Baldwin(Guatemala City Central);
Pres. & Hna Chiaverri (Honduras) and
Pres. & Hna. Perez(El Salvador East)

2010 November - Mission Presidents' Seminar

The seminar took place at Lake Atitlan in the
mountainous highlands of Guatemala

The city of Panajachel hosted our event

Sunrise over Lake Atitlan and the beautiful
gardens of our hotel.

Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 November - Mission Tour with Elder Martino

Mission Tour with Elder and Hna. Martino,
Mariscal and Villa Nueva zones in the city...

Nimajuyu and Villa Hermosa zones in the city...

Amatitlan, Escuintla and Santa Lucia zones in
the coast...

Chimaltenango and Solola zones in the mountains.

2010 November - Nov. 1 Day of the Dead 2

Carrying the finished kites...

A 60 foot kite waiting to be launched...

A beautiful handmade kite...

Ready for launch...

Airborne with messages to heaven...

2010 November - Nov. 1 - Day of the Dead

On our way to the village of Santiago Sacatepequez
to celebrate, the Day of the Dead, a Mayan tradition

Mayan folkart

Flying kites is an important part of the holiday -
kites send prayers and loving thoughts to ancestors

In the cemeteries - graves are decorated with flowers
and families gather to honor their dearly departed

Assembling large kites

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 October - APs

Elders Hatch and Romero are great Assistants!
Working on "Cambios" with President. Elder
Hatch has a change - he is headed out into the
field as a trainer for his last 6 weeks of his mission.

These great Elders work very well together!

Five of our mission's Assistants together : (L to R)
Elders Melville, Douglas (headed home), Elder
Hatch (trainer his last change), Elder Romero
(senior Assistant) and our newest Assistant Elder
Montoya, Welcome!

Yes, this is what happens to our Elders in the
demanding lifestyle as an Assistant.