Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 October - APs

Elders Hatch and Romero are great Assistants!
Working on "Cambios" with President. Elder
Hatch has a change - he is headed out into the
field as a trainer for his last 6 weeks of his mission.

These great Elders work very well together!

Five of our mission's Assistants together : (L to R)
Elders Melville, Douglas (headed home), Elder
Hatch (trainer his last change), Elder Romero
(senior Assistant) and our newest Assistant Elder
Montoya, Welcome!

Yes, this is what happens to our Elders in the
demanding lifestyle as an Assistant.

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  1. Thank you once again for keeping up this blog site and putting pictures up! Mom's are so happy to read up on how things are going from another perspective and see pictures! Thank you for helping these young men become incredible men and preparing them for life experiences on their own paths! I love missionary work!