Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 February - The Coast - The Shortcut!

On the way to the coast we tried taking a shortcut
- the road ended and we had to take
a ferry to get to the other side of the road!
We travelled through a beautiful bird refuge!

Here is president's car on the rickety, but stable ferry.

Hna. Baldwin enjoying the view

It seems that others know about this shortcut!

White storks line the shore looking for fish.

2011 February - Book of Mormon Stones

In our mission, in the Santa Lucia zone on the
coast, there are carved stones that relate to
the Book of Mormon. Former zone leaders
Aguilar and Barber take President to the "Lehi"
stone in the middle of a sugar cane field.

One can see how large this stone is and Lehi is
the large central figure.

In the tiny village of La Democracia, large stones
were found when planting the sugar cane fields.
The towns people moved the stones and built
pavilions in the town square to preserve them.
Elders Corbett and Lydiksen stop to see the stones.

It is believed that these are Olmec stone carvings
and these are the only stones found outside of
southern Mexico.

The Olmecs tradition is that they came across the
great sea at the time of the great tower. Hmmm....
does this sound like the Jardites???

2011 February - Villa Nueva Zone Bishop Appreciation Dinner

Zone Leaders Elders Jacobs and Rosales planned
with Stake President Poncio, an appreciation dinner
for the Bishops and their wives. Giving roses to
the Bishop's wives and chocolate hearts for all.
Missionaries serving dinner.

The Stake Presidency of Villa Nueva and their

A great dinner for all!

2011 February - Interviews in the Villa Hermosa Zone

Missionaries can sometimes wait up to 2 hours
for their quarterly interview, what do they do?
They study the scriptures, prepare for the interview
with president, chat with each other and figure out
how to conquer the Rubik's cube!! Elders Rodriquez,
Perez, Sarita and Ruiz have just about figured it out!

The elders enjoy a snack provided by the stake
presidency while they wait! The Villa Hermosa
zone has a great relationship with the Stake and
Ward leaders.
(L to R) Elders Ruiz, Guzman, Calona, Hill, Cifuentes,
Burgos, Cook, Wolfgramm, Taccogno and Burke.

Zone leaders Park and Jimenez are serving as fast
as they can with the help of Hermanas Cevallos and

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 February - House Inspections in the Coast

We celebrate Christmas all year long in this house
in Santa Lucia! Elders Lydiksen, Allen, Crittenden,
Dodge, Corbett, and Hernandez.

Elders Rodriquezs' (both) have a new house!

Hnas. Robles and Zapet cover up at night with
a mosquito net. Muchos insectos en la costa!

Where would you find Coconuts in your frig?
Only on the coast.

Elders Pelico and Vallecillos show off
the cleanest stove in the coast!

2011 February - Hermanas Activity

A sisters' lunch and a craft activity they can teach in
young womens and relief society in their wards.

Preparing the yarn - (L to R) Hermanas Gaitan,
Garcia, Ayala, Park, Ralphs, Lozano, Robles,
Benavides, Manzanares, Angel, Padilla and Moeai

The four finger weaving method?! (L to R)
Hermanas Winder, Ralphs, Searle, Marin, Wetzel,
Garcia, Robles and Flores

The scarves are progressing for Hermanas Perez,
Rios and Zapet.

The finished product - beautiful scarves!
A quick and easy project - thank you Hnas.
Lozano and Ralphs for teaching us this craft!

2011 February - Cambios

Adios to great missionaries - happy times the
last day!

Thank you for your great service in the mission!
(L to R) Elders Martinez, Clawson, Ixtacuy, Zeigler,
De La Cruz, and Gonzales.

Relaxing on the mission balcony one last time!

Welcome to our new, excited missionaries!
(L to R) Elders Amador, Chojolan, Acosta, Cruz
and Lagos

2011 February - Office changes!

Our office elders head back out to the field -
(L to R) Elder Tueller heads to Escuintla, Elder
Montoya heads to Chimaltenango and Elder Ayala
heads to Villa Nueva. We will miss you in the office!

Elder Lontine shows our new secretary, Elder
Lydiksen all the responsibilities of office secretary.
Welcome to the fast pace life of a secretary!

Welcome Elder Moore, our newest AP. Elder
Davis knows just what to do!