Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 February - Book of Mormon Stones

In our mission, in the Santa Lucia zone on the
coast, there are carved stones that relate to
the Book of Mormon. Former zone leaders
Aguilar and Barber take President to the "Lehi"
stone in the middle of a sugar cane field.

One can see how large this stone is and Lehi is
the large central figure.

In the tiny village of La Democracia, large stones
were found when planting the sugar cane fields.
The towns people moved the stones and built
pavilions in the town square to preserve them.
Elders Corbett and Lydiksen stop to see the stones.

It is believed that these are Olmec stone carvings
and these are the only stones found outside of
southern Mexico.

The Olmecs tradition is that they came across the
great sea at the time of the great tower. Hmmm....
does this sound like the Jardites???

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