Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 April - The Mission Home is Gone!

A year ago, we left this wonderful mission home which
served many mission presidents for over twenty years...

Today, it is gone! Making way for another high rise office
building. Progress?? The memories will still be on this
plot of land.

2011 April - President's Office

President's office...

President holds his office staff meetings here...

The missionary board...

Another message..."I'll go where you want me to go..."
We have many missionaries from our stakes and districts
serving throughout Central America.

2011 April - The Office 2

Our secretaries office space...

Another message reminds missionaries to:
"Pray as if all depends on the Lord, Work as if all depends
on you!"

Our Mission statement:
Nosotros Bautizamos Familias, We Baptize Families
Missionaries have the option of sending photos of their
baptisms to post on the waiting room wall. This board
has provided references from our visitors to the office.

Elder Petersen's reflection in a mirror, just
prior to entering President's office...
"I will go and do the things the Lord commands."

2011 April - The Office

The atrium of our office building...

The sign at our door on the 5th floor...

Our waiting area...

This message greets all who enters our office -
"The field is white and ready for harvest"

Another message encourages our missionaries
to "Follow the Prophet"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 April - Semana Santa - Easter

A beautiful sawdust carpet in a cathedral in Antigua...
these carpets are a form of sacrifice.

Making a complex design on a carpet in the streets of Antigua...

A template used for the colored sawdust...

The color purple is the the color of Easter in Guatemala..
it signifies the royal blood of Christ... purple flags drape all
the buildings in Antigua.

A large antique platform carried by Easter pilgrims through the streets.

2011 April - Zone Conferences

You have mail in the coast...

The theme for zone conferences was "Finding New Investigators"
In the mountains, missionaries practicing door approaches...

Elder Black helps with an object lesson - Don't
regret not contacting! Nice tie Elder Black!

Missionaries watch in their native language an important
message from an Apostle, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

Hermana Ayala participates in a game about contacting
on buses and in the street.

2011 April - The Chicken Dance!

Elders Dodge and Rosales show how the chicken
dance is done!!

2011 April - Zone Leaders - One Last Animal Game!

Elder Davis starts off the animal game...

Elder Fuimaono demonstrates the "Bear" sign...

Elder Knight missed his sign...get ready for the chicken dance!

Elder Allen shows all how the chicken dance should be done!

2011 April - Our leaders EAT!!

We had District Leaders and Zone Leaders Councils in
April. We have dedicated leaders with great talents.
One definite talent is...They know how to EAT!!

The clean plate club...

Seconds or Thirds, anyone?

Happy missionaries have full tummies!

2011 April - A visit from former Elder Santiago

We received a surprise visit from a great former zone leader,
Elder Santiago. He owns property in East Guatemala
and he is a successful farmer working the rich soil in Guatemala.
Yes, in a different way...the field is white and ready to harvest.

2011 April - Seminar with Elder and Sister Hinckley

The first week of April, all mission presidents and their
wives gathered in Guatemala City for a two day seminar with
Elder Richard G. Hinckley, Executive Director of the Missionary
department, and his wife. As always, we learned so much and
wrote as fast as we could. Great ideas to help our missionaries
reach their potential.

2011 April - Cambios!

We said "Adios!" to Elder Romero returning to Honduras
and to Elder Tux returning to Northern Guatemala in Coban.
It has been a pleasure serving with you, both!!

Bienvenidos a Nuevos Misionarios!
(L to R) Elders Tanner, Pilj, Tays, Loo and Ochoa

Having lunch in the mission home training room with
APs Elders Davis and Moore.

Office changes! Elder Corbett who has been our very
capable financial secretary is training his replacement -
Elder Francis - welcome to the office!

Our great nurse, Sister Ralph, is training her replacement,
Sister Searle! Welcome to the office! The life as a mission
nurse can be explained in two words: "BE FLEXIBLE!"
(Our 11th commandment for all office missionaries!)

2011 April - The Change Process

Every six weeks the Assistants to the President, Elders
Davis and Moore and President work on mission area
changes for several hours...

Our office secretaries, who execute the change process
are thanked in advance for their hard ward and dedication
as the change process takes a full week of computer changes,
board changes, introductory letters to new Bishops,
and a plan to move all the missionaries. We have
great secretaries: Elders Petersen, Lydiksen, Corbett, and
Lontine who so capably make this happen...

First look at the board! All these changes are confidential,
and the missionaries all know the secretaries have all this
information! Remember, "Loose lips sink Ships!"

Elder Davis is preparing Elder Moore to take the lead in the
change process as he will be heading back out to the mission
field in six weeks.

2011 March - Fireside in Chimaltenango

Elders Tarax, Montoya, Trejo and Carlson organized a new
members and investigator fireside on a Sunday afternoon.

Bishop Samayoa , Elder Tarax, President Baldwin and Elder Montoya.
We had 50 new members and investigators attend. Great Work!