Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 April Assistants

We have been blessed with fine young men who
have been great assistants to the President.
Elder Lindow and Elder Meza were our first APs.

Elders Jensen, Latham, Lanham have lived that
demanding life style as an AP.

Elders Sanchez, Melville and Douglas came next.
Our APs live by the 11th commandment,
" Be Flexible".

In April, we blessed to have visits from Elders
Lanham and Meza. They are intelligent young
men with a spiritual, successful future ahead.

2010 April Semana Santa - Easter Week

Overlooking Antigua during Easter week -
Volcano Agua in the background

Good Friday Processional - Pilgrims dressed in
purple, signifying the royal blood of Christ - carpets
made of colored sawdusts is a form of sacrifice

A large wooden platform with an image of Christ
carrying the cross is carried by pilgrims over the
sawdust carpet begins the Semana Santa processional on Good Friday

Senior missionaries at the arch with Volcano Agua
peeking through.

Our office missionaries enjoying a P-day cultural experience

Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 April The Sandbergs

Finally, we have our photo of Elder and Sister
Sandberg from Palo Verde, California. They are
in the mountains, on Lake Atitlan in the village
of San Andres. They have become important
members of the community. They teach english
and other classes in the local school to elementary
school children. Elder Sandberg is the branch
president and Sister Sandberg is the Relief Society
president in this blossoming branch. We are blessed
to have them in our mission!

2010 April Sisters Activity

All the sisters in the mission attended the temple
together and had a great lunch! It was good for
all the sisters to be together.

Our missionary couple, the Hatchs are so wonderful
with our missionaries.

The Sandbergs and the Cranneys came all the
way from Solola for the activity.

Our chauffeurs, Elder Musick and Elder Cesena
feeling alittle odd and out of place - never!

2010 March Cambios 2

Change meeting is high energy - meeting and
greeting new companions and heading off to
their new areas.

2010 March Cambios!

Office Elders meditating in preparation for the
wild change week. Elders Long, Jacobs, Musick,
Cesena, Melville and Douglas

Elder Long leaves the office and heads to the
mountains with the Solola zone, Elders Zapata,
Moreno, Hernandez and Johnston.

We said goodbye to these great Elders- (Lto R)
Elders Tuapanta, Doblado, Rodriguez, Huaytalla,
Vallecillo, Meija, Lopez and Carpio

Welcome our new missionaries - (L to R)
Elders Denton, Kahaunaele, Baysinger, Patterson
Arzu, Ruiz, Caceres, Flores, Hnas. Rojas, Guerrero,
Robles, Elders Ortega and Burkhardt

2010 March Zona Mas Exitoso 2

Futbol and basketball - great P-day!

2010 March Zona Mas Exitoso

Villa Hermosa - most successful zone of the change!

(L to R) El. Alvarez, Hna. Mascareno, Hna. Cruz,
El. Douglas, El. Musick, El. Martinez, El. Cesena,
El. Jacobs
Elders playing cards, games and enjoying P-day!

Playing Ninja game??!!

Elders Calona, Lopez and Barahona taking a break
from futbol (soccer)