Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 September - Cambios...

We said goodbye to another fantastic group of
missionaries - (L to R) Elders Faasee, Lee, Osorto,
Parkinson, Beck, Moya, Malouf, Edwards, Mendez,
and Miller. Thank you for making a difference in

The last day is an emotional rollercoaster -
the missionaries are sad to leave and at the same
time they are excited to head home. Too much

They found a photo booth next to our lunch stop,
AP Elder Hatch helps Elder Malouf and Elder Beck
let loose for the last time.

Bienvenidos a los Nuevos!! We are thrilled to
serve with you these next two years...
(1st row)Elder Pegram, Hnas. Lozano, Rios, Elvir,
Elder Tebbs, (2nd row) Elders Montesinos, Keplinger,
Morgan, Cruz, Durfee, Squires (last row) Elders
Johnson, Jankowski, Francis, Lydiksen, Clifton,
Milburn, Child, Pearson and West.

Our newest missionaries and their trainers ready
to head out into the field.

2010 September - Zone Leaders Council

As of July 1st, there is a zone leaders council
at the beginning of each month. Our zone leaders
are held to a high standard and are exceptional
examples to all the missionaries in their zones.
Thank you for your service and dedication.
(Front to Back) Elders Tax, Davis, Weiler, Jimenez,
Dailey, and Moya

(L to R) Elders Malouf, Martinez, Bejar, Lindsley,
Melville and Judd

(Front to back) Elders Winter, Barber, Montoya,
Cano, Dodge, and Zapata.

Elders Jacobs and Lewis serve dinner to the
zone leaders for the last time!!

2010 August - Preparing for changes

Our office secretaries orchestrate our change
process. We have a ritual - they stand in a line
with their backs to the board, as President thanks
them in advance for the great work they do for all
the missionaries in the mission. They are anxious
to see where everyone will go. (L to R) Elders
Lewis, Corbett, Jacobs, Park and Ayala. The
excitement builds!

They see the board for the first time - Elders
Lewis and Jacobs find out which area in the mission
they will be assigned to - lots of fun!

2010 August - Adios to two great missionaries

Elder Murphy and Elder Johnson are two great
missionaries. They both left early to head to
their respective universities just a few days after
returning home. Thank you for two wonderful
years together. Much success and happiness always!

2010 August - A visit from Elder Jensen

We received a visit from Michael Jensen, a former AP
in our mission. He and his Dad were traveling Guatemala.
Elder Jensen was an amazing missionary and is an
amazing young man. We loved doing changes with him -
he could always reach the top row of missionary photos!!

2010 August - President's Birthday

The Santa Lucia zone wishes President a Happy
Birthday - (L to R) Elders Pelico, Escobar, Winters,
Ixtacoy, Carlson, Diaz, Woods, President, Whitehead,
Zeigler, Clawson, Velasquez, Hutchings, Hnas. Vicen,
Robles, Rivera and Tadeo. (President has his eyes
shut - hopely making a wish!)

President, they all know it's you Birthday -
there is no escaping it!

2010 July Volcanoes...

At La Reunion one can see all three volcanoes
in our mission south of the city. In one moment
we saw, Volcan Fuego erupts...

Volcan Pacaya erupts...

and Volcan Agua looks like it is erupting
(it is dormant) The weather around volcanoes
is very interesting and unpredictable.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 July Adios...Bienvenidos

These are great missionaries. It has been a
blessing to service with such fine, young men
and women. (L to R) Elders Patterson, Domgaard,
Peterson, Johnston, Hna. Brown, Elders Lloyd,
Ercanbrack, Pande and Curtis.

Our new missionaries arrived the next day, excited
and ready to go (Lto R) Hnas. Moeai, Park, Zapet,
Rubio, Ayala, Elders Udall, Crook, Taylor, Briggs,
Ogden, Richards, Ratelle, Hernandez, Wilkinson,
Petersen, Bench, Lontine, Porter, Euteneier,
Fullerton and Crittenden

Elder Wall arrived a few weeks later - Bienvenidos!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Summer Office elders head out...

A big P-Day at the zoo...we think this was the
best exhibit at the zoo!

Elders Lewis and Jacobs head out of the office...

Elders Douglas and Cesena out to the field...

Elder Musick has a big change...

2010 July Interviews

Chimaltenango zone district leaders Elders
Cesena, Lowry and Crosby lead a workshop for
their districts during interviews

Chimaltenango districts

Mail delivered at interviews in the capital
Elders Johnston, Hernandez, Santos, Burgos,
Pelico, Drake, Domgaard, Deering, Aguilar

Our roses among the thorns...Hnas. Ralph, Wetzel,
Brown, Earl, Robles, Garcia and Jimenez.

2010 July Training Sessions

As of July 1st, all missions in the world have
8 new Preach My Gospel lessons...

These lessons are to improve missionary teaching
skills...practicing new skills...

We had all the leaders in our mission come to
the capital for 4 day training sessions. Comments:
We wish we had been taught these skills when
we started our mission!!

2010 June Cambio...Adios and Bienvenidos

We said goodbye to our first group of elders who
came into the mission two years ago!! Time flies!
Thanks for your service and happiness always.
(L to R) Hnas. Aguilar, Poorman, Cruz, Castro,
Campos, Waldie, Buterbaugh, Elders Flores,
Sanchez, Murillo, Castillo, Adaos and Hna. Rabanales

Welcome to our new missionaries -
(L to R) Hnas. Robles, Ralph, Benavides, Garcia,
Guaranda. Elders McKell, Ralph, Flores, Otuafi,
Flores, Gutierrez, Jimenez, Martinez, Calta,
Gutierrez, Santamaria

Friday, September 3, 2010

2010 June - Missionaries to New Mission

Guatemala has a new mission, Retalhuleu
Mission (pink area). Our mission supported
this creation by sending 36 missionaries to the
the new mission and the Tiquisate district.
Our mission( yellow area) changed it's area,
giving the Quiche department all the way to the
Mexican border to the Quetzaltenango mission.
(Orange area) and 7 missionaries.

Our great missionaries sent to the Quetzaltenango
and Retalhuleu Missions. Missionaries pictured
here with Pres and Hna. Lorenzano (Quetzaltenango
Mission President) and President and Hna. Baldwin.
We had a brief meeting in Solola with a lunch to follow.

It was a misty rainy departure day. All the
missionaries were excited and anxious.

We send our love with you and wish you much
success and happiness as you help create a new

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

2010 June - Photos from Zone Conferences

(L to R) Elders Vallecillo, Zelaya, Ortega, Toledo,
Vilchez and Ruiz

Hnas. Brown, Wetzel and Williams, Elder Beck

Elder Hautau is his blanket - it is Guatemala's
winter right now and it is cold in the mountains

Elders hustling to catch the bus back to their area.
Elders Parkinson, Sorto, Lee, Murphey, Rosales and

Wonder what happens to all the old school buses?
They are all here in Guatemala! Missionaries
catching the bus back to their area.

2010 May Service Project

Preparing food kits for people displaced because
flooding or mudslides. The Lord has willing hearts
and hands in our missionaries