Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 September - Cambios...

We said goodbye to another fantastic group of
missionaries - (L to R) Elders Faasee, Lee, Osorto,
Parkinson, Beck, Moya, Malouf, Edwards, Mendez,
and Miller. Thank you for making a difference in

The last day is an emotional rollercoaster -
the missionaries are sad to leave and at the same
time they are excited to head home. Too much

They found a photo booth next to our lunch stop,
AP Elder Hatch helps Elder Malouf and Elder Beck
let loose for the last time.

Bienvenidos a los Nuevos!! We are thrilled to
serve with you these next two years...
(1st row)Elder Pegram, Hnas. Lozano, Rios, Elvir,
Elder Tebbs, (2nd row) Elders Montesinos, Keplinger,
Morgan, Cruz, Durfee, Squires (last row) Elders
Johnson, Jankowski, Francis, Lydiksen, Clifton,
Milburn, Child, Pearson and West.

Our newest missionaries and their trainers ready
to head out into the field.

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  1. Thank you for keeping this blog up to is so fun to see the pictures of the missionaries! our son, Elder Pearson, just arrived and is so excited to serve in your mission!