Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 October Sisters Activity

A wonderful P-day activity: the sisters learned to
make Lasagna and a craft project to teach the
sisters in their areas and wards.

Enjoying the fruits of our labor - lunch -
(L to R) Hnas. Perez, Park, Benavides, Angel,
Rubio, President, Hnas. Ralph, Rio, Robles and Vicen.

Hnas. Ramos, Moeai, Rizo, Zapet, Padilla, Lozano
and Wetzel

A quick craft project - flower pins

The real flowers of our mission, our sisters!

2010 October Cambios... Adios y Bienvenidos

Great missionaries pose for one last in the mission...

Adios to our finest...(L to R) Elders Zepata,
Winters, Melville, Gaido, Crosby, Long, Hautau,
Misini, Martinez, Rodriguez, Johnson, Tadeo,
Douglas, Dailey and Hna. Earl

Bienvenidos a los Nuevos... (L to R) Elders
Pena, Daily, Durfey, Wolfgramm, Forbush, Hna.
Perez, Elders Hall, Martin, Turner, Cardona,
Queveda, Adams, Trejo and Turcios.

2010 October Zone Conference - Bits and Pieces

Role playing and practice teaching are always
a part of zone conference...

Zone leaders, Elders Tax and Davis - a very
creative approach to their workshop.

Elders Burgos, Milburn, Carrasco and Udall
serve lunch to Elders Barber, Carlson, Zeigler
and Jimenez

Zone leaders Elder Bejar and Jacobs employ
the basketball skills of Elder Hatch to drive
home the point of ignoring distractions.

2010 October Zone Conference - Ties make the man

Matching Corte ties from the Patzicia district in the
mountains. Front (L to R) Elders Guevara,
De la Cruz, Gonzales, (Back) Elders Hautau,
Rodriguez, Calona, Ratelle, Lontine

Elders in the coast wear vivid colored ties - (L to R)
Elders Zelaya, Lewis, Sosa, Whitehead, Cano,
Gardner, Allen, Black and Johnson

President's favorite - a striped tie for sure!
Front (L to R) Elders Montoya, Romero, Ayala,
Burgos. (Back) Elders Milburn, Fuimaono, Hatch
Calta, Musick and Gutierrez.

2010 October Zone conferences

Our senior couples, the Sandbergs and the Cranneys
find creative ways to travel. They are the best.

Mail call in the mountain zones...

What determined elders! Elder Vilchez and Elder
Pelico both had surgery the week before zone
conferences and they were great young men of
strength to be at the conference!

Mail call in the City zones...

and on the coast!

2010 September - Working with leaders

Our Chimaltenango zone leaders, Elder Lowry
and Elder Judd, work well with their priesthood
leaders. Together, they planned a very creative
activity to confront a challenge Central American
Missions have - couples who want to be baptized,
but are not married. A wedding reception!

Each investigator couple had their picture taken
in front of the wedding cake.

A delicious dinner took place after two of the
thirty couples were married. Priesthood leaders
spoke on the importance of marriage to the family.

The married couples had their special dance and
then dancing by all completed the night.
Kudos to these great elders and their priesthood

2010 September - Guatemala Green!

The rainy season lasts from May through October
each year; it keeps Guatemala beautiful! This is
the view from the mission home of Guatemala City
and its surrounding mountains. Muy hermosa!