Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 September - Working with leaders

Our Chimaltenango zone leaders, Elder Lowry
and Elder Judd, work well with their priesthood
leaders. Together, they planned a very creative
activity to confront a challenge Central American
Missions have - couples who want to be baptized,
but are not married. A wedding reception!

Each investigator couple had their picture taken
in front of the wedding cake.

A delicious dinner took place after two of the
thirty couples were married. Priesthood leaders
spoke on the importance of marriage to the family.

The married couples had their special dance and
then dancing by all completed the night.
Kudos to these great elders and their priesthood

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  1. Way to go Elders Lowry and Judd, I am so proud of you. That was quite an undertaking. Keep up the great work!! Sister Julie Lowry