Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 February - Interviews in the Villa Hermosa Zone

Missionaries can sometimes wait up to 2 hours
for their quarterly interview, what do they do?
They study the scriptures, prepare for the interview
with president, chat with each other and figure out
how to conquer the Rubik's cube!! Elders Rodriquez,
Perez, Sarita and Ruiz have just about figured it out!

The elders enjoy a snack provided by the stake
presidency while they wait! The Villa Hermosa
zone has a great relationship with the Stake and
Ward leaders.
(L to R) Elders Ruiz, Guzman, Calona, Hill, Cifuentes,
Burgos, Cook, Wolfgramm, Taccogno and Burke.

Zone leaders Park and Jimenez are serving as fast
as they can with the help of Hermanas Cevallos and

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  1. Thanks for this Blog, soon my my Son will be as misionary in this mision