Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 April Good Food and Mail...nothing better!

You got Mail!! Look at those happy faces.
(L to R) Elders Ricra, Cesena, Medina, Alvarez,
Winters and Hna. Cajas

Elder Moreno is the Cleanup at this table...
anything no one wants he will eat! (L to R)
Hna. and Elder Sandberg, Elder Cesena (again?)
President, Elder Cranney, Elder Moreno and
Hna. Cranney

The clean plate club applies here - (L to R)
Elders Hutchings, Hautau, Ayala and Gonzales

Elder Vaha'i is known for his appetite -
this is his third plate!

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  1. It comforts a mother's heart to know her missionary is eating well! We love you and pray for you all!